(scroll down for video) Samsung Unveils Iron Man Themed Galaxy S6

Samsung Unveils Iron Man Themed Galaxy S6

With the recent release of the second Avengers movie, Age Of Ultron, fans of superheroes are over the moon with excitement for their favorite out-of-this-world, crime fighting, world saving, spandex-wearing heroes. One of the Avengers, Iron Man, and his portrayal by Robert Downey Jr., were responsible for launching super hero movies into the eye of mainstream movie watchers. The face of his iconic metal suit is now being featured on one of the newest and trendiest smartphones on the market — the Galaxy S6. This video shows the reveal of the sleek, embossed packing, followed by the vivid red phone itself, which can charge just by laying it across a replica of Tony Stark’s Arc Reactor. This phone might just be every super hero geek’s dream.